Learning and Technology

Learning with technology is a process of putting together content and technology resources

Living in the exploding and constantly changing digital age, it is not only students who face the task of learning with technology. Somewhere, someone is learning with technology at age 90, and at age 4.

One of the most interesting projects I have ever undertaken was designing a seminar course with a constructivist approach, and then looking for ways in which to integrate technology in a meaningful way. You can’t just add technology into learning environments for the purpose of fluff or novelty. The technology you use has to work to increase understanding of the material or make the student see the material in a new light. Technology has to bring a class together in a way that serves the content and makes it something it wasn’t without it.

Though any number of people also wonder what all this technology is doing to students (and rightly so), I do stand on the side of technology as potentially transforming, rather than damaging.Still, it means teachers have to better understand the upsides and the pitfalls, and then compensate and adjust curriculum and classroom practice.

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