Writing Code

Small snippet of java code.

Having finally faced down Java programming and learning to write code for the first time, I discovered how programmers become hooked. Each time you write something, you learn a little more and you realize the power in making a computing device work for you. You are no longer limited by what things have been done for you, but can think in terms of what you might want to do instead.

Though it takes time and dedication to get good at writing code, (I am following my class this semester and writing the labs again. As quickly as you learn, you can forget), advancing isn’t so difficult if you are curious. As you go, things make more sense, though as far as learning a language, it’s a little like learning to order dinner in a foreign country, but not being able to make conversation yet. You know something, but not enough to converse with a native.

After experiencing a certain dread in being required to take this class for my masters degree, I find I wish the second semester was required too. For some reason the greater culture has us all convinced only ‘geeks’ are going to understand computers and code, when this is not exactly the case. You can learn code, as you learned Geometry and Spanish. And you can do things with code that are original. In this sense I see the art in code, or why WordPress might say, “Code is poetry.” I actually see the connection between a haiku and a well written line of java. It’s too bad so many of us think we can’t do it, when with persistence we can.

Here is a java program for a simple math game:

Math Game

And here is a great video about programmers:

Gates and Zuckerberg Icons Promote Youth Coding in New Film


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