Defining Educational Technology with Metaphor

Head with colors emerging

People rarely think about the fact that color is one of the things we see every day that is systematic, scientific, messy and evocative of everything from the austerity of pure physics, to the emotional states of people, to the human mind at work. In looking at the field of educational technology and it’s many dimensions, color, and specifically the additive colors of light, provides an interesting metaphor for describing the vibrant, scientific, chaotic and changing nature of the field..

Everyday we encounter additive color on computer screens, televisions, web pages and technology devices, since every pixel on a screen is composed of a red component, a blue component and a green component. As the poetic DNA of computers, additive color makes a strong metaphor for the field of educational technology and it’s definitions. Additionally, the combination of red, blue and green light and the resulting white light is a fitting way to help describe and define a field in education, where researchers and practitioners always hope to enlighten others through learning and improving performance.

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